Name Environmental Society of Lefke (Lefka) 
Abbreviation ESL
Year of Establishment 1995
Mission & Vision To protect the nature and the animals which are near extinction in Cyprus; to prevent the planned or unplanned constructions that create danger for the balance in nature; to protect sea and sea shores; to protect the reproduction sites on the sea shores; to prevent and take legal action against the usage and marketing of food products with harmful chemicals and hormones that affect the human health negatively; to take legal actions against usage and trade of products that causes air pollution and destruction of the ozone layer; to prevent deforestation and promote forestation; to contribute to the prevention of noise pollution. 
Responsible Person Mr. Enver Bıldır (President)
Office Address 4 Tevfik Fikret Sokak Lefka (Lefke) Morphou 
Telephone(s) +90 (392) 7287527 / +90 (392) 7287066
Fax +90 (392) 7287066
E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contact Person Mr. Enver Bıldır (President)
Status Association 
Type of Organization Civic Group, Cultural Group/Association, Education Group , Environmental/Conservational Organization    
Target Group(s) Children & youth, General population