Name Friends of Karpaz Association
Abbreviation FOK
Year of Establishment 2005 
Mission & Vision To reveal, promote, and preserve the natural, cultural and historical values of Karpaz and to allow for the development and improvement of the region through these values; to organize or allow for the organization of festivals; to organize trainings and events in order to raise the awareness level of the people living in the region on issues such as culture, art and nature; to be able to serve the public in the region as a consultant and a guide; to be an organization in which the people of the region participate in, take ownership of and accept. 
Responsible Person Ms. Gülizar Eroğlu (President)
Office Address Tavros (Pamuklu) Karpasia 
Telephone(s) +90 5338602241 / +905428555795/3755087
E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Contact Person Ms. Kıymet Alibey
Status Association 
Type of Organization Civic Group, Cultural Group/Association, Environmental/Conservational Organization, Social Advocacy Group
Target Group(s) Children & youth, Rural populations, Senior citizens, Vulnerable/disadvantaged people, Women