Pachna Community Volunteerism Association

Pafos Association of Restaurant Owners

Pancyprian Agriculturists Association

Pancyprian Association of Friends of Kidney Patients

Pancyprian Association of Repatriated Cypriots from England

Pancyprian Association of Single Parent Families and Friends

Pancyprian Association of Small Truck Drivers

Pancyprian Cofederation of Associations of Parents of Public Elementary Schools

Pancyprian Dental Association

Pancyprian Electrical Contractors Federation

Pancyprian Federation of Independent Trading

Pancyprian Federation of Labour

Pancyprian Federation of Women's Associations

Pancyprian Five Member Families Association

Pancyprian Flock Breeders Association

Pancyprian Freelance Architectures and Civil Engineers Association

Pancyprian Heart Patients Association

Pancyprian Independent Union for Employees of Cyprus Telecommunications Authority

Pancyprian Organisation for Large Families

Pancyprian Parents School

Pancyprian Peace Council

Pancyprian Professional Drivers Association

Pancyprian Thalassaemia Association

Pancyprian Writers Association

Pano Kivides Community Volunteerism Association

Pano Polemidia Community Volunteerism Association

Paphos Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Paphos Volunteers

Pedoulas Folkloric Museum

Pelendri Community Volunteerism Association

Pierides - Laiki Bank Museum

Pig Breeders Association

Pilavakio Museum

Pissouri Community Volunteerism Association

Pitsilia Community Volunteerism Association

Pleiada TV

Portage Foundation