Name Federation of Environmental Οrganisations of Cyprus (NGOs)
Year of Establishment 1988
Mission & Vision The Federation coordinates and supports the actions of its 20 members.In addition, the Federation participates in committies, councils and it also cooperates with other organised institutions related to the enviromental field in Cyprus and abroad. Public awareness and mobilization of the citizens in environmental issues and sustainable development.
Responsible Person Mr. Petros Pashias (President) 
Office Address

Kalimnou 5, Ap.2, 2002 Strovolos

P.O. Box 28539, 2080 Lefkosia

Telephone(s) 357 22313750, 22 879240, 99633646 
Fax 357 22879241 
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contact Person Mr. Petros Pashias (President) 
Status Federation
Type of Organization Network (platform) of 20 enviromental organisations
Field(s) of Activity Public Awareness and Environmental Education, Enviromental Policy,Enviromental Impact Assessments, Waste Management, Forest and Biodiversity, Animal Welfare, Agricultural and Rural Development, Genetically Modified and Organisms, Organic Products, Climate Change, Energy and Transportation, Water Management, Management of Natural Resources, Cultural Heritage
Target Group(s) General population